Admission Immediately! Self-help for Addicts

Immediate Admission

Do you want to change your life? Live a life free of drugs and Alcohol? Then begin living a better and healthier life immediately. Come to our Farm in Cölbe near the city of Marburg or to our house in the city of Frankfurt. No applications, cost assumption or payment approval from your health insurance needed. Come for admission day or night. All you need to bring with you, is yourself and the will to live a sober and healthy life. The length of your stay is entirely up to you. We recommend a one to two-year stay, which is a responsible investment for your future.

3 Binding Rules

  • No Drugs, alcohol or other mood/mind altering substances
  • No violence or threats of violence
  • No tobacco – we do not smoke

Adherence to these rules is much easier than you think within our community. We help you to do this. A violation of one of these rules however, will lead to expulsion. Readmission into our community can occur 24 hours after expulsion.

Living in Fleckenbühl

…are intended to be an orientation. In this trial period, you can get an inside look at what life is like within our community. If you decide to stay after this 14-day trial period, you will have an admission-conversation with our team. Your apartment contract will then get cancelled if needed and you will be signed up as a resident in the designated county. You are now officially a member of our community. Since we do not receive payments from your health insurance for your stay, we will now apply for unemployment-payments on your behalf.

…all new community members are occupied with various assistive tasks. During this time, you can make yourself trusted within our community and inform yourself about addiction and self-help. In the beginning, new residents are occupied with housework such as washing dishes, setting tables, and cleaning. We expect of you, to put in your best effort and show good teamwork from the very beginning. Internships in our various fields of work, are meant as an introduction to your eventual new job assignment. After three months, you are officially assigned to a field of work, based on the internships you’ll have partaken in. Some of our many divisions include: agriculture, cheese factory, bakery, catering-service, moving service and pottery. Other work opportunities are open in our various company offices, cleaners, home-improvement and in our kindergarten.

…all new residents have a contact-hold. This time-period is necessary and useful, for you to become acclimated to your new environment and to prevent a relapse. After these 6 months, you may receive visits, make phone calls, leave the premises without supervision and engage in a romantic relationship. You do have the possibility to communicate via mail with close family members, 3 months after your arrival. Family members may call at any time to inquire about your well-being. With your permission, of course, we will gladly give them information.

suchthilfe sofort aufnahme drogenfrei leben frankfurt

All Info’s…

Anyone suffering from addiction

Anytime, day or night

Entirely up to you.

Not necessary.


…In short

Not needed. All financial sums brought by individuals, will flow into the community account, from which in turn the needs of all residents are met.

Yes, we are recognized by the Narcotics Law of Germany as a §35/36 BtMG Institution. If you have chosen our institution to fulfill your legal requirement, you must register in advance.

Cold withdrawal i.e. without medicated assistance.

A contact hold of six months is necessary and important for new residents to become acclimated to their new environment and to prevent a relapse. After these 6 months, one can receive visit, make phone calls, leave the premises without supervision and engage in a romantic relationship. The opportunity to communicate via mail with close family members, 3 months after arrival is possible. Family members may call at any time to inquire about your well-being with your permission, of course.

  1. No Alcohol or Drugs
  2. No violence or threats of violence
  3. No smoking/tobacco

Anyone who is willing to abide by these rules is welcome to come.

Are you interested in a life in our community? Do you have a question about it?

Our contact person is aviable at:

069 949449-0 (House Frankfurt)
06427 9221-0 (court Fleckenbühl)

The Community – for a Life Free from Addiction

We Fleckenbühlers, are a community, in which addicts live together, work together and help one another. We are not a rehabilitation center and do not employ doctors, psychologists or social workers. Almost all the residents within our community have used Drugs and have chosen to live together because they value the strength and hope they can receive from their peers through their similar experiences getting and saying clean. We help one another and are there for each other. You too can learn how to conquer problems and complications without the use of drugs/alcohol through the help of a structured environment, daily work and conversations with your like peers. For all medical issues, civil and criminal legal matters, we are naturally by your side. Our leisure activities are meant to help you plan your recreational time, as well as to open your mind to knew activities and develop healthy hobbies. Aside from various fitness and athletic activities, we plan activities in the arts: visit theatres, cultural sites, concerts, fairs and much more.

suchthilfe sofort aufnahme drogenfrei leben frankfurt

Group Discussion

All residents take part in our group discussion, known as the “Spiel”. Here, everyone has the chance to discuss any problems that he/she may have with themselves, coping with everyday life or with other residents. You may discuss anything that bothers or worries you.

Rehabilitation Instead of Incarceration

We are recognized by the Narcotics Law of Germany as a §35/36 BtMG Institution. This means that if you meet the requirements set forth by the courts, you may come to us and learn how to live clean, instead of serving your time behind bars. If you want to come to us from a detention center, we will need the following:

  • a written application from you

  • a written statement from your addiction therapist or social worker in the detention center, in which he/she supports and approves of your decision to come live in our community

Once we have received the items above, we will send you an appointment for your admission. Without these prerequisites, an admission based on a court order is not possible. Please note that we are not to be mistaken as a comfortable/simple alternative to a detention center. Instead, we hope and expect that you truly want to change your life and learn how to live free from active addiction. If your admission is based on a court order, the usual 14-day trial period does not apply to you.

Education and training

Our working range and company serve the qualifying and job training. Many Fleckenbühler have gotten their certificate of apprenticeship, an commercial training or even passed their master craftsman training. By having an education your chances are good , to find a meaningful occupation outside of the communityand make a living on your own. Not too unimportant, to live drug free!

Parents and Children

Your children may gladly join you on your new journey. We have our own recognized kindergarten and day-group for children with heightened educational needs. If you plan to bring your children with you, please inform us in advance, so that we can take the appropriate measures to prepare for your arrivals. If your child is currently living in foster care, we can discuss and plan for your renewed contact with them in the future. Naturally, every parent wishes to have a reunion with their child. This can, however become a lengthier process and your patience will prove an important attribute. We will help you in every way, to establish renewed contact with your child/children in the most positive and effective way possible. During the school holidays, children who live away from the parent are welcome to stay with them in our community.

suchthilfe sofort aufnahme drogenfrei leben frankfurt
suchthilfe sofort aufnahme drogenfrei leben frankfurt

unsere Häuser

Hof Fleckenbühl

Fleckenbühl 6
35091 Cölbe

06427 9221-0

Haus Frankfurt

Kelsterbacher Straße 14
60528 Frankfurt

069 949449-0

Jugendhilfe Haus Leimbach

Junker-Hooss-Straße 4
34628 Willingshausen

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